About this UNOFFICIAL BLOG on Martin Armstrong's writings

This is my attempt to provide a simplified approach to Mr. Armstrong's writings, essays and etc, current and past. I do this without any intention of controversy or judgement of his works. I do not know Mr.Armstrong, and say of him as as Will Rogers once did: "All I know is what I read in the papers...." which in this case are the works of Mr. Armstrong in the public domain.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Martin Armstrong, Review & Analysis by Denali Guide

To start things off, I publish this because I have started to read and analyze what Martin Armstrong has written with a critical mind.  Over time, I think I find his work usable and readable and want to provide a service by reviewing his work and putting in simple usable form.

I must say I have come to respect his straight forward manner and calls and want to let others read them and encourage to read his works.  We all make calls, good, bad and indifferent, and I am NOT here to judge, but I am here to measure.

I do this because we live in a dangerous, turbulent time, a great time, a wonderful time, not to be filled with fear but with preparedness.  I am extremely happy he was released from custody, and wish him a great life on the rest of  his earth walk.  I thank him for his work, and for his perserverence.  Time will judge it far better than I could ever..........

Denali Guide

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